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Behavior Program Details


K-8 classroom teachers work together to create a program that is supported by teachers, office staff, cafeteria workers, the librarian, and bus drivers.  Teachers have adopted the same classroom rules, consequences and positive reinforcement for exceptional behavior.  By doing so, students will know what is expected behavior through out our campus, as well as in the classroom.  Our campus expectation teach students to always be safe, be respectful, and be responsible in all areas of the school.

Classroom Rules

1. Follow Directions

2. Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself

3. Use kind words

4. Remain seated or in designated areas

5. Be prepared to learn


Each classroom has a color card pocket chart to keep track of student behavior throughout the day.  Teachers will send home a Behavior Report to inform you of your child’s behavior in class, on campus, and if they are prepared for school.  This form will go home everyday in their homework folder or backpack.  Please initial and have your child return it to school with their homework.  Classroom color cards inform parents their child behaved each day.